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WORKOUTS FOR WEAKNESS Strength is a very desirable trait. Being strong makes many otherwise arduous tasks much easier. From lifting and shifting heavy kit to pushing your body to its limits. Strength makes everything better.  How strong should you be? The easy answer is much stronger than you are now! It's doubtful you will ever be too strong. A lot of people go about building strength in the wrong way. They focus on bodybuilding-type training methods. They get bigger, but not proportionally stronger. There is nothing inherently wrong with bigger muscles, but if you aren’t as strong as you look,...


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SHOULD I BE DOING BODYBUILDING EXERCISES? Strength is an essential part of military life. Equipment is heavy and the stronger you are, the easier it’ll be for you to lift and shift that equipment into the right position. Strength also means that many daily activities will be much less tiring. You’ll have plenty of muscle power in reserve – even after a hard day digging trenches. Strength is a very desirable trait.  Of course, strength without fitness is all-but useless. No one will care if you can bench press a tank if you have to lie down for half-an-hour to...